Benefits of selling through Skandinavisk Service Partner

When choosing to allocate equipment through Skandinavisk Service Partner, you achieve a number of advantages that you do not get when you yourself subscribe the sale. Below we have listed some of the benefits obtained by using us as your sales partner.

  • There is assurance for the seller that the individual objects achieves the highest possible current price in the market. (Over 50% of all sales through Skandinavisk Service Partner is exported).
  • Skandinavisk Service Partner is the 100% independent party that can handle all elements of the settlement, including ensuring the for the sale important documentation about the objects’ real mode.
  • 100% proof of sale, the price obtained and purchaser information.
  • Sales can be made successively, which means that the capital tied up is reduced continuously.
  • Everything can be sold through Skandinavisk Service Partner – with the exception of real estate and food.
  • As a customer, you can sell anonymously over a longer period, without the “buzz” and physical auction on the property.

Core elements of our services

In addition to the above advantages, there are also a number of core elements of our services, which means that it is extremely advantageous to sell through Skandinavisk Service Partner.

Open and transparent market with an online auction system

We offer our customers an open and transparent sales. We have received many feedbacks from customers that they have had considerably better prices by allocating with the help of Skandinavisk Service Partner, as compared to other alternatives. One of the benefits of sales through Internet auction is that there are no risk that the buyers negotiate prices ahead of auction. Skandinavisk Service Partner’s customers achieve international marketing! In the sales process is complete bid competition between national and international buyers. Skandinavisk Service Partner also ensures a simple and verifiable sales process, where there is no risk of illegal temptations in the form of corruption or money laundering. We also ensure a complete final documentation at each sale.

Independent inspection and assessment

We have good cooperation with a number of workshops and we can also offer repair of the equipment before it is put up for sale. Repairs of damages ensure the buyer against unknown costs, providing greater security for the purchaser. More confidence = higher price