Skandinavisk Service Partner Group

– a company with attitudes and responsibilities.

Our opinion:

Our business is catalyzed by the global recycling thinking about reuse, recycling and responsible consumption of storage resources Skandinavisk Service Partner Group’s core task is precisely to offer better opportunities for responsible consumers of resources.

Our mission is clear, we want to make recycling more accessible to businesses. Our goal is to inspire buyers to extend the life cycle of the material and act spent where spent is to target the task.

Our point of view is that the replacement of new equipment should not only be considered from an operational CO2 footprint per. driven hour, but calculated from the overall environmental impact of the production industry and supply to the end user.

Skandinavisk Service Partner Group offers an easy solution where surplus material quickly can change hands and reduce the amount of material with low utilization rate.

More recycling – higher utilization – focusing on life cycle pollution.

 Our responsibility – CSR policy:

Skandinavisk Service Partner Group has a responsibility to the world around us, as our concept can contribute to increased responsible consumption of resources.

Skandinavisk Service Partner group is trusted and approved as management partner and Auction House to government and municipal sales, and act therefore as trusted ambassadors on behalf of the States-and commit ourselves with strict requirements for good morals and business ethics.

This responsibility Skandinavisk Service Partner group takes very seriously and has documented an ethical code and crystal clear attitude to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in own Organization- and set a requirement of our partners.

Skandinavisk Service Partner Group Code of Ethics and CSR policies are in full compliance with the UN Global Compact , but extended with concrete examples to ensure understanding throughout the organization, suppliers and customers.

Skandinavisk Service Partner Group – Supplement to the United Nations Global Compact:

Identifies users: Skandinavisk Service Partner Group controls all users CVR identity before and after the acquisition and respect all EU sanctions and trade embargoes approved by the State Department.

Product: Skandinavisk Service Partner Group facilitator only the sales of stock in profitable safe and demilitarized state.

Money: In order to prevent money laundering, Skandinavisk Service Partner Group never receive cash.

Embezzlement: Skandinavisk Service Partner Group stands out from any cooperation where there is suspect of embezzlement.

Cash reimbursements: Skandinavisk Service Partner Group handle all rebate and refunds electronically and transparent.

Gifts for external: Skandinavisk Service Partner Group’s policy is that gifts are symbolic and never exceed the by SKAT authorized maximum without disclosure.

Environment: Skandinavisk Service Partner Group does not assist with services where polluting materials is exported against the existing directives and conventions.

Anti-corruption: Skandinavisk Service Partner Group works against all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery.

We support: