• All auctions is carried out by anonymous bidders, which excludes the formation of cartels and ensure the best market price.
  • Transparent sales and market price can be defended politically.
  • Reduces the burden on the vendor organization.
  • Nimble sales organization that transfers to the buyer’s needs.
  • CSR – Recycling wisely.
  • Lean Thinking.
  • Exposure to many countries.
  • B2Bauctions only sell to EU approved countries and customers with active VAT number.
  • Sold without warranty for B2B customers.
  • No investment, only payment.
  • Over 50% is exported.
  • Under 50% remain in Denmark.
  • 9.5 out of 10 times, goods are sold above the minimum price.

Skandinavisk Service Partner is awarded Working Environment Authority green smiley 2015.

Member of Dansk Maskinhandlerforening