The process at Skandinavisk Service Partner

What can we offer you?

Skandinavisk Service Partner offers handling / sale of surplus equipment. Our services are based on the fact that our customers have   surplus equipment sold as quickly and efficiently as possible – and of course at the best possible price. We work from a simple, but effective, based forecasting model that can be customized according to individual customer needs.

The SSP process

  •  Inspect and review equipment anywhere nationally.
  • Inspect and review equipment internationally (volume & value required) – in steady growing Our current furthest borders are sales from Greenland and Afghanistan.
  • Marketing and exposure on relevant auction sites.
  • Settlement one or twice a month through 3.part bank.(Depending on auction site)
  • Technical evaluation- functionality is tested. Vehicles are started and driven, If necessary with
  • Documenting the model type, chassis number, hours or km condition.
  • Check assets for debt.
  • Tag all sales objects with an individual number.
  • Gather service history and maintenance reports if available.
  • Photography and image editing.
  • Gather or estimate weight to comply with authority’s environmental law.
  • Lot split into economically appropriate size.
  • Minimum price negotiated.
  • Creating ad on suitable auction site.
  • The ad is exposed for 10-21 days on suitable auction site.
  • Auction winner VAT is verified as active before invoicing tax-free purchases.
  • Auction winner billed with / without VAT.
  • Payment deadlines are monitored.
  • Handles support and customer inquiries.
  • Further guidance on national and international laws and directives.
  • Archive customer documents for 5 years

After the above registration has taken place, we ensure that all the collected records are put up for sale on an online auction system, and the equipment will be put on auction for a period of approximately 8-14 days. Very large objects may be over a longer period.

Our experience

From the experience we have, the objects shall be put up for sale at a “symbolic” starting price, and then the market will set the price. On large objects, the “symbolic” starting price shall be agreed each time, between the seller and the Skandinavisk Service Partner. We have learned earlier that a “symbolic” starting price, each time provides a higher final price. The object will then be sold on the auction at the highest price achieved.